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Match your impact
with your intentions.

Boundless Arc helps employers and job seekers create paths to opportunity.


I work with both employers and job seekers to help close the opportunity gap for historically marginalized people. Here's how I can help you progress in your journey.

Office Coffee Break
Colleagues Working Together
Online Meeting


Bring an adaptable, budget-friendly DEI expert into your team to help you achieve business goals.


Strategize with a former recruiting professional to chart a course toward the next chapter of your career.


We partnered with Alex and could not have had a better, more thoughtful experience. Alex meticulously navigated conversations with our employees as well as our executive team and made all our employees feel unique and that their input and opinion was heard. They did a fantastic job of letting organic conversations emerge during our sessions while dropping important and thought-provoking questions and examples to help further the discussions.


After our sessions with Alex ended, we noticed a sizable shift in our employees' approach to DEI and the roots of those sessions and conversations are still coming up years later within our organization as we continue to further our DEI mission. We could not recommend Alex and their expertise in this field more.

KELSEY BOXSER •  Chief People Officer, All3Media America

NATASHA VIADERO • People Director, All3Media America

Partnership Principles

Here’s how I approach my work and how I ask my clients to think about it, too.

Tend to the roots.

Real problem-solving means digging beneath the surface. 

Break down barriers.

Opportunity can only be realized when it’s within reach.

Design like an architect.

Lasting change requires a strong foundation and a long-term view.

Embrace more stories.

Choose storytelling to challenge assumptions and celebrate individuality.


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