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Match your impact
with your intentions.

Boundless Arc helps employers design equitable People processes, policies, and programs.

In fiction, a narrative arc is the path of someone's story. Our careers have arcs, too.

  But many are stifled by inequitable workplace practices. Not everyone gets the same chances.


A boundless arc is free of barriers.

Services Overview

I work with both employers and job seekers to help close the opportunity gap for historically marginalized people. Here's how I can help you progress in your journey.

Office Coffee Break
Colleagues Working Together


Get adaptable, budget-friendly support by bringing on a Fractional DEI Business Partner.


Remove barriers to equitable outcomes in your People practices and design sustainable DEI programs.

Online Meeting
Creative Office


Strategize with a former recruiting professional to level up your applications and find your next role.

Why Boundless Arc

I see you, People people.

I've worked in People teams—I know sometimes it feels impossible to reconcile the needs of different stakeholders. I can help you prioritize for both business and human impact.

I'm an ops nerd.

Partnering with a DEI generalist is key when you’re taking the first step. But when you’re ready to get it right with your People systems, I can clarify what’s necessary for success.

I focus on outcomes.

Well-designed systems allow you to monitor progress and measure outcomes. I can connect the dots between your People practices and your DEI data.


Alex served as a crucial sounding board and guide for our company while we were conducting an in-depth review of our hiring practices. They helped us re-think the structure of our job listings and the language we used to ensure equity and inclusiveness were authentic centers in how we approach recruitment. Their approachable demeanor and deep experience are wonderful tools for any organization looking to improve their recruitment and put people first.


Chief Operating Officer, Trellis

Alex supported our team in building the foundation of our DEI practice. Alex was a fantastic partner in assessing gaps and strengths throughout the employee lifecycle and then helping us action those as we formed our inaugural DEI Council.


Director of Strategy, Hu Kitchen

Alex played a crucial role in the development of our company’s first Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) strategy. Our team trusted Alex’s input during advisory hours as they really listened, articulated clearly tangible solutions to our concerns, and tied them back to how they affect the overall inclusion experience of employees. 


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging Manager, Skedulo

I had the pleasure of working with Alex to set our company’s DEI Strategy and priorities. Not only did they provide expert guidance on the exercise but they hosted thought-provoking conversations that allowed the group to explore different avenues and perspectives.


I was able to work directly with them on the overhaul of our hiring process. To this day I think about the pearls of wisdom they shared during our conversations. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Alex. What a wealth of knowledge, expertise and perspective they have!


People Ops & Recruiting Manager, Binc

We partnered with Alex and could not have had a better, more thoughtful experience. Alex meticulously navigated conversations with our employees as well as our executive team and made all our employees feel unique and that their input and opinion was heard. They did a fantastic job of letting organic conversations emerge during our sessions while dropping important and thought-provoking questions and examples to help further the discussions.


After our sessions with Alex ended, we noticed a sizable shift in our employees' approach to DEI and the roots of those sessions and conversations are still coming up years later within our organization as we continue to further our DEI mission. We could not recommend Alex and their expertise in this field more.


Chief People Officer, All3Media America


People Director, All3Media America

Alex has many legacies at Thumbtack, but an enduring one to the business is having architected and implemented virtually the entire inclusion infrastructure upon which our culture stands: employee resource groups, connections to outside groups and organizations focused on DEI, internal policies around fairness and equity, and taking employee feedback and turning it into action.


Co-Founder, Thumbtack

For people looking for the real deal when it comes to thoughtful, inclusive hiring and recruiting overhauls, Alex is IT! Not only were their clients huge fans while they were at Collective, but they built our hiring process from scratch, helping us build out the most incredible team!


Founder, Collective — A DEI Lab

Partnership Principles

Here’s how I approach my work and how I ask my client partners to think about it, too.

Tend to the roots.

Real problem-solving means digging beneath the surface. Center the experiences of marginalized people to identify the root causes of inequity.

Break down barriers.

Opportunity can only be realized when it’s within reach. Create new ways for people to move forward and upward by removing the barriers holding them back.

Design like an architect.

Lasting change requires a strong foundation and a long-term view. Craft human-centric systems in the workplace with intentionality and care.

Embrace more stories.

Society doesn’t validate or celebrate enough journeys through life. Choose storytelling to dismantle bias and recognize the inherent value that each person holds.


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