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Hey there, I'm Alex.

I use they/them pronouns and I’m the founder of Boundless Arc.


I’m a queer, non-binary, and neurodivergent DEI consultant and career coach.

Glad you’re here. Let me tell you a story.

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I didn’t start my career in the corporate world.

Once upon a time, I was a restaurant manager chasing a passion for food and community.

After getting my degree in psychology and sociology, I lived my days and nights in local restaurants, catering kitchens, coffee shops, and the farmers market. I usually worked six days a week and was perpetually sticky and sleep-deprived.

I switched gears to pursue a path in people operations when I realized it’d help me develop the professional skills I desired. Plus I knew it’d provide some much-needed financial stability without having to juggle two or three jobs all the time.

I’ll spare you the details, but that job search process was brutal.

In the end, I got my first recruiting job because a hiring manager recognized that I had the necessary skills despite not having the “right” job titles, companies, or schools on my resume. A lot can be learned on the job.

But while working as a recruiter and coordinator at different companies, I started to see cracks in the system that were promoting inequitable outcomes. Lots of broken processes and even more broken mindsets. Everything from “I don’t want to lower the bar” to “it’s a pipeline problem” to “let’s focus on gender because it’s easier than race.”

We had a lot of work to do.

I decided to make DEI my sole focus.

In the following years in-house, I built—and rebuilt—company-wide DEI strategies and programs from the ground up. I activated champions across the organization to weave DEI into the fabric of their teams so that it could no longer be an afterthought.


As a senior consultant with a DEI firm, I worked alongside a diverse group of practitioners to lead engagements in industries like tech, venture capital, recruitment, apparel, entertainment, consumer packaged goods, hospitality, and family services.


In partnership with my clients, I’ve helped them center the needs of historically marginalized people, pinpoint the barriers to equity in their People practices, co-design and implement DEI strategies, and develop tailored resources for their recruiting teams.


And through it all, I’ve served as an accountability partner to people who were ready to do the right thing but were afraid of getting it wrong.

Now I focus on access to opportunity.

I'm a consultant and coach because getting the right job is life-changing. 

In fiction, a narrative arc is the path of someone's story. Our careers have arcs, too. But many are stifled by inequitable workplace practices and self-limiting attitudes.


A boundless arc is free of barriers.

I believe that equitable design promotes equitable outcomes and that systems sustain progress. I help organizations integrate DEI into their processes, policies, and programs so it's never an afterthought.

I also believe that intentionality unlocks opportunity. I help job seekers chart their course​ and tell authentic stories about their impact.


If this sounds like a future you’re ready for, let’s work together.

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